Monday, November 7, 2011


Sometimes I have thoughts of things I'd like to do. Some days phrases fill my mind, short sentences that streak through the slick passageways of my mind. I realized after my last post that it was my 100th post. It seems crazy to say, but I've been writing on this blog with some level of consistency since January of 2009. So many things have happened in my life in the time between the past and present. For my 101st word-sprinkling, I'm thinking it's time for a series of staccato blurbs, single notes jabbed without rational connection.

  • I want to chase the sunset, to drive down a westward road following the light. I had this thought last week for the first time. It's tugging at my heart. 
  • I've been realizing lately how much a part of my life is influenced by music. Martin Luther said something interesting: "Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world." I may not agree completely with him, but there's some truth in what he says. I think that few things have such bearing on how I think and act. There's literally a song for every emotion that I've felt. Lyrics have the capability to make me laugh. There are some songs that only have to begin in order to cause a broad smile break out across my face. For that reason, when I share music, I share a part of myself. The music I love tells the story of who I am. 
  • Point 1: Our bad things will turn out for good.
    • Point 2: Our good things can never be taken away from us.
    • Point 3: The best things are yet to come."-Jonathan Edwards' first sermon
  • There's something amazing in knowing that nothing will ever happen to me that is not for my ultimate good. That's a reason not to stress out. "You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you."-Isaiah 26:3
  • All the joy I ever experience is undeserved. 
  • The rain falls, tiny orbs of liquid dribbling and plopping down on the dry earth. Rivulets form. Roots drink deeply of the nectar, the perfect combination of oxygen and hydrogen that distinguishes this planet from everything else in the solar system. Don't try to tell me that we are accidents, that this happened by blind chance. Even with all of the problems that come with living in a broken world...this is too perfect. It works too well.
  • Why me, God? Why do you love ME?
  • All my favorite people are broken.

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