Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello All

So I'm starting this blog as a way (hopefully) to make it easier for me to transition off of facebook. One of the main reasons it's hard for me to get off of facebook is because I tend to want to let people know what's going on in my life, and in my head. Lately it's been poetry and music that has been really meaningful to me, and that's what this blog will be about. My poetry, other people's poetry, and a lot of great music that applies to me especially, and to you if you like. If you want to follow along, I'd advise you subscribing to my blog via RSS feed or through another way. There's a sidebar where you can enter your email address and anytime I post it will be sent to your email address.
This is the beginning of the end of my facebook. If you still want to communicate through the internet, which basically isn't that great of an idea, you can comment on this blog or email me. If you need my email address, let me know on here. And if you care to join me in my anti-facebookness, feel free. Think of all the time and emotional stress I'll be saving from not being on facebook!

For now, later.'s a poem I wrote the other inaugural poem.

I don't even try
To hear the sound
Of its engines roaring.
I just watch it go soaring;
Jealous that it, and not I,
Can leave such trails
And fly so high.
I stand on the ground,
Doomed to be earth-bound.


  1. Hey Peter,
    love the poem! I know I've already read it once, now reading it again was somehow a different experience and I really like it. I can definitely hear a Frostian touch. Especially the line "Jealous that it, not I, / Can leave such trails / And fly so high." sounds very Frostian.
    Looking forward to reading more of your poetry!

  2. Way to go. I'll be in and out. Feel free to visit my blog, also.


    N8 T8

  3. I hope you are happy - I have resurrected my own blog, inspired by you. Don't expect too much; I am not planning on having much time for this kinda thing this semester. ;)

    But I am looking forward to seeing your poetry. :)