Friday, March 12, 2010

Josh Harris, the pastor

I have read Joshua Harris before in the past and very much enjoyed his books geared towards singles (I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Boy Meets Girl, Not Even a Hint). For my birthday, my dad gave me his latest book, a more serious book on basic theology and why it matters: Dug Down Deep. It's been a pretty good read so far, although I haven't finished it yet due to procrastinating on it and not putting nearer to the top of my priority list, where it belongs. His introduction chapter is pretty gripping, though. Just to pique your interest. :)
In addition to starting that book, I've been downloading his sermons from his church's website, Covenant Life. He's a very good speaker. I'm optimistic that the sermons of his that I have heard will continue to impact me if I implement them in the way Christ intends his followers to do: acting on what we hear. Last night I finished "Holiness is a Harvest," which talks about how we sow what we reap, and we shouldn't be surprised that we aren't growing if we haven't put in the necessary work to get there. If we sow to flesh, we reap corruption. Some great food for thought. And, considering our church lifted our upcoming (some time this year...still not sure when) series on purity straight from Covenant Life's series a few years ago, it's good to get started thinking about some of the sermons from that series. A good question that came to mind during the sermon that seems pretty obvious but also important is this: "What am I sowing to? What things am I choosing now, and what will I reap?" Every choice is important.
Harris continues to grow, and in his growth encourages others to follow him in following God. That's what Christian life is all about: sharing with others the progress we make and learning from others' examples. Without observation and sharing, the Christian life would be close to impossible.
I may share one of my Composition 1 writing assignments on here after i get it back. Clue on subject matter: Memoir paper, about one of my long-lasting human role-models.


  1. Funny...I've been reading about the same stuff concerning sowing from A.W. Tozer.

    When I wipe out all his books I'll need a list of new stuff to read. Hint hint.

  2. really good thoughts. and well timed for me. thanks for sharing.

  3. That is so cool! I have actually met Josh Harris. We are apart of the same group of churchs as him, Sovereign Grace Ministries. Yeah, he is a really good speaker.

  4. I should look into some of Harris' stuff one of these days. Never have gotten around to look into anything written by him. There's just too much to read in a lifetime.
    Hope all is well with you bro!