Friday, February 5, 2010

Perhaps I shouldn't post this late...

Late at night, my thoughts often turn melancholy. It doesn't help when I am addicted to a band that is largely melancholy. And beautiful. And haunting. This has been my favorite band for about two months now. They are incredible. And you're already heard a song of theirs on this blog. But this song is better than the previous one I shared. This one, called Alone Apart, by the Swell Season, offers a grain of hope, amidst sadness and pain and apologies.
I think I'll actually break down the lyrics of this song, something I do not do normally. Here they are, with comments of mine included throughout:

How many times have I been here
How many times was I lost
And how many times I'd be lost in the sea
If you weren't there to rescue me

The singer realizes again how often they have been in this place of being lost, only to be rescued by the person this song is written to. It's too easy to forget how much other people do for us. Until we are in the depths of the pit again, and we realize again how many times we have been in the exact or same position.

We're sailing, sailing every night
We're drifting, drifting alone apart
Not to show that we're in need
But I'd heal your wounds if you bleed

Next Marketa Irglova (half of the Swell Season and star in the movie Once) voices something that changes perspective: they are slowly moving apart from each other, becoming more and more alone. It's not too show that they have needs; there is something else that is causing the rift (isn't "rift" a beautiful, haunting word?). Irglova still cares deeply for whatever person this song is sung to; when a breakdown or wound happens, she will take care of them and "heal" their wounds.

How many times have I hurt you
How many times have you
And how many times I'd been on my knees
Begging, begging please forgive me

Next she realizes how much pain she has given, and how much she has received. She dives into her mind to remember how many times she has asked for forgiveness (a positive thing!). Pain is inevitable in any long-term, deep relationship. Forgiveness is necessary for success.

We're sailing, sailing every night
We're drifting, drifting alone apart
Not to show that we're in need
But I'd heal your wounds if you bleed

Chorus again. See above comments.

Thank you for being so patient with me
I've been weaker than I ought to be
Despair and jealousy blinded my mind
And I couldn't see how you're trying for me.

The song ends on hope, and admitting that there is still work to do. She realizes that she has been jealous and hopeless, weak and headstrong. She expresses her gratitude for the patience and effort expended in the middle of her problems. The song doesn't exactly resolve. It ends.

You could take this song and do a lot of things with it: point out that this is how we are with God, that we do not realize our need many times until we are in trouble, that we do not listen to Him and stray. Or you could realize that life is running on a parallel line as our eternal life with God. There will be times when this song is probably very true in your life. I think it shows that the right attitude is asking for forgiveness, and admitting that there is a need. And finally, to hope.

Song below.


  1. Very good.
    Keep posting.
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  2. you're right. you shouldn't post late at night. :)
    but this is a nice song.