Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A quick post on Inauguration day that has nothing to do with it being Inauguration day

Ha. Nice title, huh? Anyway, it's been about three or so days since my last post. And I think it may be about time for one of my poems. So I'm displaying one. Perhaps I'll post a more substantial, thought-provoking write-up later in the week. But today, I'll just show you this:


I saw you yesterday
Still, I still didn’t say
Hardly anything.

I wanted to speak.
But the outlook is bleak.
It “wouldn’t look right;”
My flower’s covered with blight.

I’m commanded to hide
The feelings that abide
Deep in my heart.
It hurts like a dart.

I want to be king;
I wanna “do my own thing.”
Still, I obey what I know,
And I didn’t go.

I didn’t move,
I didn’t talk.
It feels so wrong,
Like I don’t belong.

It feels like a roadblock;
Doing what I should.
I’m wishing I could
Pick the lock,
Unlock the cage,
And turn the page.

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