Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Johnny Cash/Gordon Lightfoot:If You Could Read My Mind

Here's a song originally written by Gordon Lightfoot, and covered by Johnny Cash on his last cd, which was released after his death. I like Johnny Cash's version better, but I'll post them both and let you decide. I can REALLY identify with its lyrics. Sometime soon I'm thinking about doing a post on why I like the music I like, so you can understand the songs I post on here better and my music tastes as well. But that is not this post.

There has been some interesting dialogue/conversation about what I posted on Life Is Not A Fairy Tale, and I'm thinking it's interesting. : ) Right now I'm not really into the happiness thing, I guess. At least, I'm not into believing that everything will turn out right. On earth. That's the point in my post. I was trying to say that it's hard for me to watch other people always believing in the fulfillment of a fairy tale here on earth. Because I don't see a fairy tale happening. It's hard to know, because I'm not totally against fairy tales and that stuff. I think it's important to balance fairy tales out with stuff that applies, though, and happens, and is realistic. Seriously, life never works out like it does in the fairy tales. And we shouldn't lie to ourselves that it will. That's what I was saying. I'm not saying it's bad to want to read them, or watch movies that are like them, or ever to hope that some aspects of a fairy tale will happen in our own lives. I'm just saying that I think we should be balanced. I need to be reminded that life is real and ugly every day.

Anyway. Here are the songs:

First, Johnny Cash:

Then, Gordon Lightfoot:

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  1. I love real fairy tales, where what happens is weird and gruesome and not happy-go-lucky-Disney-fairytalesque. But I also love that real life is so beautiful that it hurts, in part because there's pain and imperfection and we'll never be just like Jesus until we die and meet Him.

    Keep thinking, though -- thinking deep thoughts is a good thing. :)