Monday, January 12, 2009

It's final.

So about five minutes ago, I officially deactivated my facebook account. It's over. I will not show up on facebook (I think. When you deactivate your account, you don't show up anymore, right?) The problem is, I can activate it again by signing in. So, if you see me on facebook again, ask me why.

Another thing. It's kind of sad that nobody comments. But oh well.

Another thing. I have eight "followers," but something I noticed the other day is that you have to check your account to notice if the person you're "following" updated. Wouldn't it be much simpler for my posts to be emailed to you? Like I said in a previous post, check the right-hand sidebar and subscribe to Because it's a lot easier for you and more encouraging for me to know people are reading. Even if they don't comment.

I'll post an original poem soon. But tonight I'll be driving to Indiana and back, so not this time. Timothy, I will miss you. You've stirred up my mind. Thank you.

Something else. I don't have many things I look forward to. At all. It stinks. Oh well.


  1. mark 14:62<---i look forward to that.
    among other things.
    but especially that.

  2. Hey Peter!
    keep up the blogging. I wouldn't worry too much about the low commenting. Your writing to express yourself and not waiting to see yourself be expressed by others.
    Hope you got back well after the trip. Our trip to New Haven was still pretty crazy. Got home at around 1AM. It was really exhausting.
    Well, I'm looking forward to some good blogging!