Monday, February 6, 2012

Unfinished Thoughts in Rhymes

August 2011:

Apparently this can't end well;
Too much pain. 
Redemption's hard to sell; 
Much easier to dwell 
On hurt and cost
And love that's lost.

...What of forgiveness,
Change, and hope?
Is there room for renewal,

There's always a way.
Though some say
That some things can't be,
I wonder.
If we actually trust, 
Won't He answer? He must.

January 2012

I flee a fierce fear,
That I will lose control
Of loves and hopes and
Being near.

The voices grasp, lull,
Whisper, jeer.

If there was something there
It's gone.
Lost are the moments that made me care;
Vanished, dissipated,
Faded, like the dawn.

January 2012

Is it a crime
To cherish hope?
Is there time
To climb this slope?

It often seems that I'm a ghost-
Stare right through me,
Ignore me--coast.

February 2012

I've never understood
Why those I'm close with
Step away, or would.

There's some strange myth
That "men don't care-"
That we "don't know."

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  1. Peter! I enjoyed these. I really like the second and third poems. Great use of alliteration in the first lines of the second and first stanza of the third. Also, I loved the lines, "The voices grasp, lull,/ Whisper, jeer" and "faded like the dawn." I love how paradoxical the latter line is. Good stuff, Peter. I'll be sure to comment more.