Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I don't usually post these kind of posts, I don't think. I don't know really. But I think that this shall be a rambling post. Ready?

  • I'm really thankful for my summer job. I get to listen to sermons from learned men of God who have sharpened my intellect, deepened my love for God, and increased my desire to serve Him. (How? I'm seeking to see sin for what it really is: wanting God's things without Him. Among other things. That was just one of today's applications. :) ) Also, I have a pretty sweet tan and a lot more money in the bank than in May. 
  • I'm encouraged as to the direction my church is going. Any change that happens in my church will have to be undertaken methodically and carefully, but I love the vision and signs of change that God has begun already. If you're interested in becoming part of a group of Christ-followers seeking to know Him together, join those of us who have that vision for my church, and be a part of the change. 
  • I'm excited for what God is going to accomplish is my rotten, sinful heart. Praise be to Jesus that I have a new identity in and through Christ, in which I am viewed as a son of God, the same as Jesus. Can you wrap your brain around that? I'm spotless in God's eyes! I'm getting ready to experience Him for the next ten days in Minneapolis, MN, as 17 of our church are heading up there to team up with a church from Ohio and some dear saints from the Urban Refuge to minister to the city and experience a little bit of the Kingdom of God. 
  • This fall will be interesting. At least 15 credits, on three days, at JCCC. The Bible study we started last spring will be continuing, and I'm certain that God has great plans for it if we will submit to them. Join us in that endeavor as well, if you wish. We're trying to experience God's love as a community there, too, as we seek to show His love to those who realize something is missing. (Classes I'm taking: Political Science, Composition II, Art History, Mythology of some sort, and Anthropology. Looking forward to them!)
  • I think I'm going to get back to my facebook. :/ Yes, I know how much I have railed against it and delighted in my abscence. But I know that there are, somehow, good uses for it. And I feel that I've experienced enough of the grace of God to attempt a comeback and see what happens. If I'm still immature and time-wasting, the deactivate button is never too far away. I'll just have to figure out how to use it after a year and half's distance. And I'm planning an explanation note soon, so don't spread the word just yet. :)
  • God is at work in me, shaping me, loving me, teaching me to love. I see bits and pieces of the change, but there's so much more for Him to accomplish. Trust is such a hard thing; I feel that I know what's best for me and especially for others and their choices way too much of the time. I don't know what's best. God does. Love for those who are acting unloveable is another hard thing. Joy when I feel like complaining is such a hard thing to grasp. But God is faithful. And I love Him. 
  • The end. (I leave Friday for MTTC, if I didn't say that yet.)


  1. Good to know what's on your mind, brother!

    Looking forward to the time in Minneapolis with you

  2. forever will be "hairy white legs" :)

    it all sounds pretty exciting:) you can't say you're bored now!...

    Kat will just pray in Canada for all these things you do since she can't come!

  3. :) me likes....

    always will be "Hairy white legs" tho

  4. That is a really encouraging note! It makes me so excited, hearing God's work in your life. And it sounds like you have great plans for the fall, and your involvement in the church is so cool! I love you, bro. Don't forget to save your money... :)