Friday, April 9, 2010

Another quick one

Following up on the shortest post in PMRL history, I am going to post only a slightly longer one.

Since I added Donald Miller's blog to my netvibes page, I've been enjoying his posts. They are motivating, encouraging, thought-provoking...and I recommend him to all of you. Lately he's been publishing excerpts from a re-release of his book, To Own A Dragon (which has some new passages and is now geared towards both men and women who grew up without dads). I'd be interested in my readers' thoughts on what he says men really want from women, and women really want from men. In a nutshell:

What Girls Want:
  • Girls don’t want a weak guy. People are insecure already, so they don’t want you to be insecure, too.
  • What I am not saying, though, is that you should act confident. Don’t act confident, be confident. Learn to be confident.
  • And they also like mystery. But it’s not really mystery they like, it’s strength.
  • Self pity is unattractive. 
The rest of the post here (probably a good idea to read it all and form your opinions from that) 

What Men Want:
  • “…Weakness isn’t attractive in either sex. Girls who pity themselves attract predators, not guys who care. 
  • A woman who believes she is beautiful and cultivates that beauty
  • • A woman who is choosy.
  • A woman with a vision for her life. 
  • Show some respect. 
And here's the link for that post. 

Thoughts? This turned into a longer post than I had speculated. :)



  1. I really like his posts about this stuff. Very insightful and a good reminder. Yay Royals!

  2. thanks for writing buddy.

    also, i am so, so, so tired of insecure, self-pitying, manipulative, irrational men.

    that is all.