Saturday, October 10, 2009

20 Days, 90 hours (or more) of work later

I'm sorry, dear friends. That's all. No more explaining why I haven't kept you regularly updated on everything that is happening down here. When I get my camera back, I will show you some pictures of my new place, because, yes, I live in an apartment now, with a guy named Nathan. He is pretty cool. We have two leather couches, are getting a bookshelf today, a gas fire and stove, and are living the single guys' life. Thursday or Wednesday night we had frozen pizza (we cooked it on the cardboard it came on and burnt it after we didn't cook it enough. Then I burnt my finger taking it out. Fun times.) and watched 2 Fast 2 Furious. I like the first movie better. I have also watched Toy Story 1 and 2 this week. Perhaps that's some of the reason why I haven't been updating here. Something in a long day at work makes it hard to get up the resolve to write a post of substance on here. However, since last night I stayed up till after 3 and didn't get up till 11:30ish, I think I have enough energy and time to give some to you. :)
I have found a pretty cool church to go to. It's called Trinity International Baptist Church. They are in the midst of some serious turnover, in an attempt to become more outwardly focused and fulfilling the great commission. No, there aren't any churches down here that are anything close to a GCC church, but I have resigned myself to that. Trinity is pretty cool. So far I'm not too involved in that, but we will see what happens.
I go to work in the mornings at 9ish, and the workday is over three days at six. The other two days, Tuesday and Thursday, are super long days. Currently I go to six Bible Clubs. Here is the schedule:
Monday:NO CLUBS!!!
Tuesday:Providence in the afternoon (small club), Nottingham in the evening (bigger club. Around thirty kids.) I don't finish work on Tuesdays until around 8:30.
Wednesday: Sooner Haven. It's a pretty big club, around 30 on a good day, but potentially more.
Thursday: Tulakes. HUGE club. We have 150 or so kids with permission slips, and have averaged around 100-something regularly. In the evening, I coordinate Falls Creek. It is going to be challenging, as there are a lot of problem kids there. Thursdays I also don't finish till after 8.
Friday: Oak Grove! I love this club, because I know a lot of the kids there from camp over the years. They say I'm temporary there, but I really hope not.

That's the lineup of clubs throughout the week, but that's not all I do. I'm also in charge of packing snacks for all of the clubs, which isn't horrible. I have my own snack room, which is my domain.

I like having keys that are mine. They make me feel powerful.

I haven't posted music in a long time. I'm going to post some. This is a song by Brandi Carlile. It's a good one. Let me know what you think.


Have you ever wandered lonely through the woods?
And everything there feels just as it should
You're part of the life there
You're part of something good
If you've ever wandered lonely through the woods
if you've ever wandered lonlely through the woods

Have you ever stared into a starry sky?
Lying on your back you're asking why
What's the purpose I wonder who am I
If you've ever stared into a starry sky
Have you ever stared into a starry sky

Have you ever been out walking in the snow?
Tried to get back to where you were before
You always end up not knowing where to go
If you've ever been out walking in the snow
If you'd ever been out walking you would know


  1. hmmmm :D You might want to hide the set of keys in 224 for your "special room" that way it truly will be yours :P :D

  2. Good to hear from ya. Indeed, carrying keys brings an enhanced feeling of authority and weight. You have power. You can steal Snickers. You matter. ;)

  3. you sound like you're having fun. that makes me happy.

    don't eat too much pizza, you'll get fat!!

    (okay, i don't really think you'll get fat. but still. take your vitamins.)

  4. OK I missed something. Where are you now? Have you MOVED moved...or is this just a "moved-for-a-few-weeks-or-maybe-months-in-order-to-help-somebody-out" thing?
    I remember the first time, I lived away from home. The freedom is truly inspiring but can also somehow be sobering. You have the freedom to actually eat too much pizza and stay up until 5 in the morning and watch stupid movies on youtube. And then you have the freedom to feel really sick and amazingly tired at work on the next day! YIIPEEE!!

  5. good to hear that you're doing well! we have something to send you, if we ever manage to find out what your address is.

  6. yes marion, because everyone knows that vitamins make people not get fat :-)

    man, you ARE old, Peter.