Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer camps and new beginnings

I really want to post a song again, but I think I've been cheating my readers lately and just doing that since my return from Oklahoma. So I'll make good on my promise to post about camp and save the song post for another time. It's a great song, though, so make sure and listen to it when I post it.
So...camp was about learning to trust God. Because that's what I had to do. And I think I learned something: it's easier, so much easier, to trust God with my problems, than to try to solve them myself. So many times, I had a kid who wouldn't behave, or a problem that seemed so huge, but God reminded me that He was the one who holds the answers to every question, every problem, and every need.
And Jesus and God were my encouragement, too. He showed Himself to be stronger than my problems, and also to be aware of them. A kid would come up and give me a gift they'd made for me, or one of my favorite kids would give me one of her two ice pops during free time, or my friends would listen to my problems and pray for me, or I'd get a smile that forced me to smile back. The theme of camp was Jesus as the Ultimate Hero, and He showed Himself to be that to me, through the skits that focused on Jesus' life, through the testimonies of fellow counselors, and through the worship that focused on His power. Jesus is my hero now, more than ever.
If you have questions about camp format or whatever, just ask them, but I think I've had enough talking...time to post some pictures. To protect the kids, I'm not going to post any names, or where they were, because those are the guidelines we have. These kids are so needy...pray for them, please.

Alright. Here are pictures.

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  1. I absolutely loved this post! I loved everything you wrote and pictures just made it amazing. :) However, now I miss camp and everyone more. I want you to send me that picture of you, me, and Melissa. That would be great! :)