Monday, June 1, 2009

The Ingredients of a Wonderful Day

Today was a fabulous day. I love days like today. There's a song by Guster called I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today, and I completely identify with it. Here is the song:

I'm awake, you're still sleeping
The sun will rise like yesterday
Everything that we are now
Is everything we can't let go
Or its gone forever, far away
I hope tomorrow is like today
Don't you go away tomorrow
I don't think I could handle that
You're probably dreaming that you're flying on
Then you start to fall
But then you rise
and shine forever
Don't go away
I hope tomorrow is like today

And here's why I feel like that:
This morning I woke up. I slept in past what I should have gotten up...that was one of my few errors of the day. But at least I was refreshed, right? From there, I cleaned my room and evacuated my clothing from my closet...(I'm moving out of my room because my grandmas are coming into town for my brother's wedding and staying in my room) After that I vacuumed my room, started working on a writing assignment from a stack of assignments that will only get thinner and thinner until it's gone forever, and ate some raisin bran with half and half (we were out of milk). Talked with my mom while we made my grandma's bed, and called a couple of my friends to see what the night's agenda would contain. (see further on in story) I completed my first writing assignment of the day between 11-12 noon. Then I vacuumed some more and looked at my next writing assignment, one about Brave New World. Then my nephews and oldest brother and my favorite first sister-in-law got to my house. One of the few damp spots of the day was listening to Asher scream his head off for at least an hour in defiance of his nap. My grandma got to my house at around 2, by which time I had completed half of my second assignment. After greeting my grandmother, I resumed my academic efforts. I finished my paper at about 4. After that, I watched some Rhett and Link videos (They're hilarious) with Arie and picked out some clothing to wear for my "senior pics." At 5, my photographer arrived and we headed off to shoot. That was fun, and we'll see how they look. If you're lucky, you'll see how they look too. After returning from my photoshoot, I ate dinner and headed off to play volleyball with friends at Sar Ko Par. It was mobbed with people, but we wedged our way onto a court with some students from JCCC and played a few games of lopsided ball that were pretty uncompetitive. It was fun, though, and that was capped off by a wonderful trip to AMC 30 to watch Up, Pixar's latest masterpiece. I love it. It's wonderful. It's amazing. You need to see it. (SQUIRREL!) I got home around 11:15, and started in on what I assumed would be a routine Monday night dinner cleanup...until my mom noticed a piece of mail for me from the United States Treasury. Let me explain: in the month of April, I was trying to get financial aid from JCCC for the fall semester, and they told me I needed to file taxes. Since the deadline was already past, I wasn't particularly enthused about it, but I sent in my money. And my tithe to the government was rewarded: they gave me back $100 more than half of what I paid. I am happy. And they only charged me $9 in overdue time. I am happy. Tomorrow, be as good as today...but I have my doubts. Thank you friends, who contributed to such a wonderful, beautiful day.


  1. i had a horrible, melodramatic, stupid day.

    i'm glad you didn't.

  2. yeah for a happy day! May you be blessed with many more!