Monday, April 6, 2009

PMRL's hits at a steady rate...Wrapped Up in Books

So I don't know if you know how cool it is to keep track of who comes to your blog and when and how they got there, but I think it's awesome. I can find out who's stalking me, and how they found the blog, and what search terms give me the most hits. For instance, the poem a Simile For Her Smile has brought me a lot of hits; in the google search for that title, I'm fourth. I think that's cool. 4/772 results is a pretty good place to be for this blog. Under the search term: explanation of "Reluctance" Robert Frost, my blog also takes fourth place, this time out of 5580 results. I know this sounds proud, but it makes me happy that I have site traffic, and not just from people who know me (even though I like their visits probably the most; they respond). Anyway, Statcounter is an awesome free service, and it's fun to look through the stats it offers.
I've been mulling over which song to post next (SO many amazing ones), and I've decided on this one: Wrapped Up In Books, by Belle and Sebastian. It's got some great lines and I can identify with it. Like I've said before, see my reasoning behind my music tastes here. Hope you like it lots!

The lyrics:

It was pretty bright, up on the rainbow bridge tonight
I could see into your window although you’re far away
You were racing in a car
Beside a boy, you just don’t know
If he is up for what you have in mind
If he is up for what you have in mind

Change is on the cards, but this time it will be hard
But I never want to leave you
We’ve never had a fight
You should never split a pole
You should never split at all
I wish I had two paths I could follow
I’d write the ending without any sorrow

I will say a prayer, just while you are sitting there
I will wrap my arms around you
I know it will be fine
We've got a fantasy affair
We didn’t get wet. We didn’t dare.
Our aspirations are wrapped up in books
Our inclinations are hidden in looks

Summer’s hastening on
I’m trying to get a feeling from
The city, but I’ve been unfaithful
I’ve been traveling abroad

We’ve got a fantasy affair
We didn’t get wet, we didn’t dare
But the fantasy remains
You better come back to earth again

Our aspirations are wrapped up in books
Our inclinations are hidden in looks

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  1. Thanks, I'm looking forward to it. Yeah, I figured it would. It seems too easy to let it be and not post for a while. Cool, I'll try to do that. Yeah, um it's the family's. awesome. Thanks =]